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Founder: J .K Whittaker

Definition:  psychotherapy that focuses on acute critical situations (depressive episodes or attempted suicides or drug overdoses) with the aim of restoring the person to the level of functioning before the crisis

Theraputic Goal:  Crisis intervention deals with persons in the midst of a crisis in which  rapidity is of the essence.  Therapy is a joint understanding of the psychodynamics involved and an awareness of how they are responsible for the crisis.  The participants work together, aiming at resolving the crisis

Treatment Techniques:  1)   rapidly establishing a rapport with the patient that   at creating a therapeutic alliance;

              2)   reviewing the steps that have led to the crisis;

              3)   understanding the maladaptive reactions that the patient is

                              using to deal with the  crisis; focusing only on the crisis;

              4)   avoiding the development of symptoms;

              5)   using the predominating positive transference feelings for the

                                 therapist, so as to transform the work into a learning experience;

              6)   teaching the patient how to avoid hazardous situations that

                                 are likely to produce future crisis; and ending the intervention

                                 as soon as evidence indicates that the crisis has been resolved and                             

                                 that the patient clearly understands all the steps that lead to its                           

                                 development and its resolution.

Analysis: When it comes to crisis intervention, social workers are major componente, espically those that practice generalist social work. Social workers help client to acknowledge that they have a problem.

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Sowk 355 Jermaine Williams  Fall 2005
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