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Muscle Relaxation Approaches

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Muscle Relaxation Approaches
Parental Education/ Effectivness
Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis
Deep Breathing and Imagery Relaxation
Play Therapy
Crisis Intervention
Task- Centered Practice

Founders:  None listed

Definition/Description:  A therapeutic and self-help approach to reducing stress and anxiety; it is accomplished when the subject first tightens and then relaxes a set of muscles while concentrating on those muscles.

Theruputic Goal:  To reduce  stress and anxiety from the body.

Treatment/Techniques:  The technique is learned by having a person to tighten there muscle and then releasing a set of muscles.

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Analysis, ie. what is its utility to social work practice:  A skill that may come to use when working with a client that's going through stressout and depresed moments.
My resorces are The Social Work Dictionary by Robert
L. Barker and The Practice of Social Work by Charles H. Zastrow.

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