Contemporary Theories and Therapies

Client- Centered Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Reality Therapy
Rational Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Sex Counseling Therapy
Neuro- Lingustic Programming
Milieu Therapy
Muscle Relaxation Approaches
Parental Education/ Effectivness
Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis
Deep Breathing and Imagery Relaxation
Play Therapy
Crisis Intervention
Task- Centered Practice

Founders: Not listed

Definition/Description:  A method of training people to modify their own internal physiological processes, such as heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure, and brain wave activity, through self monitoring.

Therapeutic Goal:  To achieve levels of arousal or physical changes that we usually do not become aware of until a markedly high level of arousal is reached.  
Treatment/Techniques:  Counseling, meditation, Milue Therapy, Muscle Relaxation and plenty more.
Analysis, i.e. What is its "utility to social work practice": 
 Biofeedback can be utilize by social worker because when dealing with a client the social worker goal is to get feedback.  

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