Contemporary Theories and Therapies

Task- Centered Practice
Client- Centered Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Reality Therapy
Rational Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Sex Counseling Therapy
Neuro- Lingustic Programming
Milieu Therapy
Muscle Relaxation Approaches
Parental Education/ Effectivness
Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis
Deep Breathing and Imagery Relaxation
Play Therapy
Crisis Intervention
Task- Centered Practice

William J. Reid  and Laura Epstein whom are members of the School of Social Service Admiminstration at the University of Chicago. 
Definitions/ Descriptions
In the first or second interview, counselor and client explicity agree on the problems to be dealt with.  The problems are defined in terms of specific circumstances to be changed. Counselor and client also agree on the duration and amount of service to be given. 
Therapeutic Goal
A counselor's effort goes into structuring communication during interviews to keep clients' attention and efforts focused on the tasks. 
Treatment Techniques
Treatment is short term by plan.  Specifying problems, goals, and tasks to be worked on during the treatment process.  The contract is formed in the first or second interview and guides the treatment process.  This contract may be written or oral; it may be modified later if both parties agree to changing it. 

In the initial interview with clients, counselors seek to elicit, explore, and clarify clients' problems. During this interview counselors may point out problems clients have not recognized, or the consequences of allowing significant problems to go unattended. 

Both counselor and client are more  aware of precisely what needsto be done and what progress is being made during the treatment process in resolving the problems.
Thomas Barnett